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The Confectional - Confess Your Love for Cheesecake
The Confectional - Confess Your Love for Cheesecake
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To our valued Confectional cheesecake fans:

We have made the difficult choice to discontinue shipping our mini cheesecakes. Due to the high cost of packaging, perishable insurance, shipping and the many other components it has become financially unsustainable for our little bakery. We will continue putting our resources into new cheesecake products and flavors!

If you are local to Puget Sound and would like to order 20 or more of our Mini Cheesecakes, please call our store to arrange flavors and a pick up time: 206-282-4422. For smaller orders just swing by our Pike Place Market or Seattle Center Armory locations and choose from our display case!

We know many of you are regulars, and sincerely thank you for not only your support but your true love of our product. We hope you will stop in next time you visit Pike Place Market and Seattle Center in beautiful Seattle Washington!"