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The Confectional - Confess Your Love for Cheesecake
The Confectional - Confess Your Love for Cheesecake
We offer a unique and utterly delicious new way to serve guests at your celebration. Our individual-serving cheesecakes are perfect for any occasion: Weddings, ceremonies, parties, birthdays, office shindigs, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah—you name it!


The individual serving is ideal because there’s no cutting involved. You can order a variety of flavors—or all one flavor, and your guests will feel as though they’re opening a gift when they peel down the wrapper to reveal the decadent crust.


Because our individual-serving cheesecakes are perfect for one person, we recommend ordering one per guest.


Our various tier rentals are perfect for displaying your wedding cheesecakes. Please ask us about all the affordable options we have available.


Depending on your guest count and decor we will recommend just the right fit. Please arrange to return your rental to The Confectional the day after your event. No need to clean or break down the tiers, we are happy to do that for you!


You can pick up your cheesecakes at our Pike Place Market location the day of your event or the day before, as long as they remain refrigerated. If the event is outdoors, or in a very warm room, we recommend that cheesecakes be out of refrigeration no more than two hours. Otherwise, they are fine out of the refrigerator for four or five hours.


We require a minimum of two weeks notice for your final guest count.


Call us at 206 282-4422 to place your order, or to schedule a complimentary tasting with either Destiny, Shelby or Paul. You may sample up to six flavors from our menu. We love to get creative, too - and would be happy to discuss a special flavor or color theme just for your event.